1988  The Alexis Banana Show
During the 1980’s and 1990’s, 
Carmen’s Banana Cooking was televised
on ACTV, Austin Access Television,
TV cable-channel #10. 
Carmen’s Banana Cooking 
was televised twice a week, 
from the studios of Time/Warner's  
Austin CableVision,
at 10pm Friday night and 12pm, 
midnight, Sunday night. 
The Friday program was often a new production, 
while the Sunday show was always a repeat.  
The programs were created by an 
all-volunteer crew, whose only demands
 were met with nachos and margaritas. 
Six inch Cha Cha pumps,  thirty inch hat, and six foot body.
That's about 10 feet tall Carmen Banana with a five foot techincan. 
San Francisco Civic Center
Carmen's Banana Cooking
1989 Carmen Banana's Halloween Charity Ball for the Waterloo Counciling Service, parts 1 and 2
1988  The Rubber Fairies visit Carmen Banana